Why Palliative Care?

So that patients who have life-limiting conditions, such as cancer, and who no longer have curative options available to them, may have access to medically trained experts who can manage their pain and provide them comfort – both physically and emotionally.
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A Wish Fulfilled

A Wish FulfilledPalliative care incorporates a holistic spectrum of care – medical, psychological, social & spiritual. In October 2017, PALCARE, along with V Care Foundation, fulfilled the last wish of a young patient. – read more

Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives At PALCARE, our patients are a source of inspiration to us. We provide a few of their stories.
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Our Medical Team

Our Medical Team
The heartbeat of our organization comprises an interdisciplinary team of specially trained doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers.
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What our patient families say


No medical team has ever explained the treatment plan and everything related to Charanjit’s illness so properly …… testimonial

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Remembering Loved Ones

Remembering Loved OnesOn the 1st of December each year – our Remembrance Day – PALCARE commemorates patients who have passed away in the preceding 12 months, by sending their families a diya to light up on that day.
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