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A Wish Fulfilled

Patient: Mr. Sridhar Ganesh
PalcareIndia-logo In October 2017, PALCARE put in an extra effort to help realize a patient’s last wish, which was such a satisfying experience! One of our patients, a young man from Dharavi, Mumbai, whose family included a young wife, two small...
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Abandoned by Her Husband Because of Cancer

Patient: Mrs Sharmila Pawar
PalcareIndia-logo Mrs Sharmila Pawar, got married in 2011 and gave birth to a baby boy a year later. Six months post-delivery, she discovered a small tumour in her left breast, which her husband and she neglected to have investigated. A few...
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Living his days in fine spirit

Patient: Mr Abdul Hasan
PalcareIndia-logo Mr Abdul Hasan, a patient in his late 70’s, who suffers from a type of cancer that affects the liver, was referred to us by Tata Memorial Hospital in March 2016. Despite his years and his condition, Mr Hasan is a...
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Partnering Manav Foundation

Patient: Ms Sheela Navare
PalcareIndia-logo When we enrolled Sheela, I realised that she was suffering not just from cancer but from mental illness as well. And like many patients with chronic mental illness, her biggest problem was that she was lonely. She did not have...
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