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Our Patient


Making a Difference

Patient: Ms Savita Zende
PalcareIndia-logo Savita Zende was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in November 2015. She was 44 years old and belonged to a financially underprivileged family. The only support she had was from her two siblings—a brother and a sister. She was...
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Bringing Palliative Care to the Home

Patient: Mrs Abida Sultan

Mrs Abida Sultan was apparently well until December 2015, when investigations at a local hospital revealed some abnormalities in her blood and she was referred to a reputed hospital in Mumbai. For the next two months she underwent multiple investigations,...

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A Last Wish Come True

Patient: Mrs. Sareena Khan
PalcareIndia-logo In October 2016, Sareena Khan, a woman in her early 50s, walked into PALCARE’s office with end-stage cancer, seeking palliative care. Her husband had died 5 years prior in a tragic accident leaving her to look after her two unmarried...
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Upholding our Mission

Patient: Miss Radhika Patel
PalcareIndia-logo Radhika Patel’s family came to know about PALCARE from the family of one of PALCARE’s earlier patients who had passed away a few months prior and who had highly recommended the service. Consequentially, Radhika’s father and brother met up with...
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