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PALCARE: There’s no place like home.


This is a new palliative care service offered by THE JIMMY S BILIMORIA FOUNDATION, which has been set up with the prime purpose of delivering care – AT HOME – to those suffering from life limiting and debilitating conditions, such as cancer.

PALCARE does not provide 24 x 7 nursing at home. Instead it offers medical expertise in symptom management and pain relief, in counselling and helps with spiritual guidance – all this in the comfort of the patient’s home.

At PALCARE, teams of doctors, nurses and counsellors, make home visits to patients in need of the care. They set the protocol, monitor the patient’s condition, instruct the caregiver and follow up with regular visits to ensure the protocol is on track and the patient is comfortable.

The psychosocial counsellor provides emotional support and grievance counselling for the family after the patient passes on.

PALCARE’s primary challenge lies in delivering a top-class service with a first-rate team that shares the passion and vision of the founders. In this connection, we have an excellent, well experienced and compassionate Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Jayarajan. And he has a team of doctors, nurses, and psychologists, all of whom have been put through a rigorous training programme at Tata Memorial Hospital.

PALCARE caters to patients at any stage of their debilitating illness. It focuses on cancer patients. To begin with the service is limited to Mumbai.

PALCARE is a 360o service.

PALCARE aims to provide a home care service that is exceptional – one that transcends the boundaries of a simple doctor/ nurse, patient/caregiver relationship. A service that looks at care across the board and embraces all aspects that lead to a patient’s comfort and care.

A 24 x 7 Help-Line: Patients and care-givers have the comfort of knowing that advice on emergency issues is only a phone call away.

Associate Hospitals: For patients whose condition may eventually require hospitalisation, PALCARE will have tie ups with leading hospitals and nursing homes in the vicinity.

Respite Help Centres: So that care givers can have the occasional time off, PALCARE will have tie ups with respite centres.

Volunteer Help: PALCARE will have a group of volunteers to provide such help as companionship to patients – read a book, watch TV, play games – or under the respite programme spend an entire morning or afternoon with the patient so that the care giver can have some time off.