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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

My God!
What a contrast you have presented. My sincere gratitude to all of you. Dr Shaziya, Ms Swati and Ms Ankita being such a dedicated and compassionate Caregiver. They made themselves available 24/7 on phone. They had not wasted any time to reschedule visit to us when needed.
What a perfect combination of professionalism and compassion on the other hand we felt like we were talking with our own family only.
We feel quite blessed to found such a good Team under Palcare.
We all are moved with your dedication and the philosophy of caregiving.
I can say two things ….
God bless you all and accept my sincere
Thanks once again.

PALCARE late patient’s husband – 25 September 2023

Dr. Santonaji, you are the true definition of Being Human, the care and compassion which you and your team showed towards our father and every member of our family is commendable and beyond expression of any words. Our father started to respond from day one of the treatment recommended by you, the accuracy of the assessment of the condition of my father was flawless. We always got a very quick response from you and your team, be it holiday or late night.

We are really blessed to get the professional and personal support from you and your team during the most difficult period of our life, will strongly recommend to every needy person like us to get your help so that they can also get the same support and care

Will pray to God to give you all the happiness of this world and to give this world more Human beings like you so that this world can be a better place

Kukreja Family

PALCARE late patient’s family – 11 September 2023

Dr. Shaziya, you have been such a strength throughout this journey. Thanks a lot God Bless you, your Team and your organization.

PALCARE late patient’s husband – 30 August 2023

We were fortunate to have the Palcare India Team help us during a very difficult time when our grandmother was recommended Palliative care at home after being discharged from the hospital in April 2023.

Initially, when we brought her home from the hospital, overwhelmed with the prescribed medicines, and barraged with information, we were consumed with confusion and doubt. The initial few days without the Palcare India team was a challenging time for us.

On the advice of Dr. Jayarajan, we got in touch with the Palcare India Team and it has to be the best decision we made. We were in touch with Dr. Santona, Nurse Ashwini and Jay from the team who left no stone unturned in supporting us and providing the best possible treatment to our grandmother.

Dr. Santona’s experience was reflected in the way she accurately assessed our grandmother’s condition and comprehended what was effective and ineffective in the treatment. She proactively anticipated and prescribed medicines for emergencies. Additionally, she exercised great caution when prescribing medications, ensuring that the doses were appropriate and genuinely suitable for our grandmother.

Nurse Ashwini has been helpful and supportive throughout and we cannot thank her enough. We are really grateful to her for always being reachable over the phone/text irrespective of the day and time to guide us on medications and injections in case of emergencies. She used to constantly keep tabs on our Grandma’s health. Her empathy and sensitivity helped us more than we can articulate and she was with us till the very end.

Jay, with his friendly demeanour always put a smile on our grandma’s face. He would speak to her and most importantly listen and understand what she had to say.

Palcare India is a true blessing for all cancer patients in advanced stages with free services and affordable medicine prescriptions. With their support and care, the last few months for our grandma were very comfortable and she peacefully passed away on 12th July with all her loved ones by her side.

Team Palcare you guys are the real heroes. No words are enough to express our gratitude for the work you do.

PALCARE late patient’s granddaughter – 14 July 2023

We are really thankful to you and your team for the professionalism and especially to you for being their whenever needed. Once again, Thanks a lot God bless you and Palcare for such a work done that too free of charge, Even paid team doesn’t provide the support like you.

PALCARE late patient’s son – 02 June 2023

Yes, she went with sooo much peace.
At every step, you’ll guided us really perfectly.
You’ll did a really amazing job Shweta, you’ll made her feel at home and she would really wait for you’ll to come home.

PALCARE late patient’s granddaughter – 22 April 2023

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