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Upholding our Mission

Upholding our Mission

Patient: Miss Radhika Patel


Radhika Patel’s family came to know about PALCARE from the family of one of PALCARE’s earlier patients who had passed away a few months prior and who had highly recommended the service. Consequentially, Radhika’s father and brother met up with PALCARE.

Having come to terms with the fact that Radhika was beyond cure and their time with her was limited, the family had decided that the best place for her was their home and they wished she should be made as comfortable as possible. The family also revealed that in addition to suffering from ovarian cancer, Radhika had embattled a long-standing psychiatric condition; and despite being on medication, her life had been badly affected as a result.

That same day, the PALCARE team paid Radhika a visit at her home. Afraid, uncomfortable and unable to express the symptoms that ailed her, Radhika typified a patient who is left directionless in the absence of a possible cure. Her mother informed PALCARE that until a month prior, Radhika had been one of the most exuberant young girls she knew; she had braved radiation and chemotherapy always with a smile on her face. But, with cancer taking over her body, she had difficulty breathing, was severely constipated and clung to her mother constantly.

PALCARE assured the family that it would do everything it could to relieve Radhika of her symptoms. Within the first week of receiving the care, Radhika’s breathlessness was controlled and constipation relieved. On a regular basis, our psychologist met up with Radhika and her family to address any fears and anxieties that each member might have.

Having sought PALCARE’s assistance at a very late stage, it wasn’t long before Radhika’s physical health deteriorated rapidly. During the short time that she was with PALCARE, the team visited her daily, ensuring that she was comfortable and that the family had the support they needed to care for her at home. In May 2017, Radhika passed away in her home in comfort and surrounded by her family, just the way the family had wanted and in keeping with PALCARE’ s own mission. Soon after the passing of her daughter, Radhika’s mother hugged PALCARE’s psychologist and wept on her shoulder, saying she had lost a daughter but had gained a new extended family.

*Patients’ names, on this and following pages, have been changed to protect their identity.