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Feeling Like Her Old Self Again

Feeling Like Her Old Self Again

Patient: Sarita Sharma


The patient, Sarita Sharma, was a case of colon cancer. Her family consisted of a husband, son & a daughter. From Patankhot, Sarita had moved to Mumbai to receive treatment. Her son, who was in the navy, had requested to be transferred to Mumbai to be near her.

Sarita sought treatment in several hospitals but none of the hospitals were able to bring her pain successfully under control. In mid-June 2018, when PALCARE went to visit Sarita, they found her in severe pain, so much so that she was unable to get up from bed. She also had numbness in both of her legs. The PALCARE medical team started her on medications and within two days, Sarita’s pain was brought under control.

She hadn’t been informed by her family that her cancer was beyond cure. They were far too afraid to tell her and instead, entrusted the PALCARE team to break the bad news to her. We gently broke the news over several visits

Sarita Sharma

After the initial sadness and frustration had passed, she asked the team if this meant she wouldn’t need to take chemotherapy again. “I was not allowed to apply make-up because of the chemotherapy and I really like dressing up.” On being confirmed that her chemotherapy days were now fully over, she immediately got out her make-up kit and with a warm smile on her face, asked Sr. Minal to help with applying nail polish!

She remarked to the PALCARE team, that thanks to the pain control and the news that she could dress up again, she felt like her old self and was happy. She passed away soon after.


*Patients’ names, on this and following pages, have been changed to protect their identity.