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Patient: Mr Abdul Hasan


Mr Abdul Hasan, a patient in his late 70’s, who suffers from a type of cancer that affects the liver, was referred to us by Tata Memorial Hospital in March 2016.

Despite his years and his condition, Mr Hasan is a very active man, a loving husband, always in good spirits, with a wonderful sense of humour. And he just loves his mangoes! He and his wife Subeda, the primary caregiver, live with their two sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. This big joint family lives on one of the busy and noisy streets of Null Bazar and like the street they live on, the Hasans too are full of beans.

Mr Hasan was in agonising pain the first time we visited him. We discovered on that visit that he kept his pain to himself as he knew it would be a source of great worry to his wife and he did not want her to go through any further anxiety. But Dr Jayarajan and I counselled him on the importance of taking his medicines, and that his wife would be much happier to see him pain free, after which, I am happy to say, he has been taking his medication regularly, thereby hugely improving his overall well-being and comfort. During one of our visits, I remember him remarking that a few black hairs had suddenly appeared on his beard from nowhere and he asked if the medicines we have been prescribing have made him younger. With a glint in his eye he went on to add that if this is indeed the case, then perhaps he should start moving out of the house and meet new girls! To her credit, Subeda laughed and said she would be delighted as then at least there would be someone to help in his care.

Despite the challenges the Hasans face due to the condition of the head of their family, they amaze me for the way they have pulled together and kept up a cheerful and loving spirit so that the man they love so dearly can continue to get the most out of his remaining days. Over these past few months, Subeda has grown extremely fond of PALCARE and has come to regard us as her extended family.

Br Dirk Dlima

*Patients’ names, on this and following pages, have been changed to protect their identity.

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