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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

My daughter Bhakti and I are extremely grateful to you for your exceptional Lecture Session which was well appreciated by each and every member of the dignified audience present on the evening of 10th December at Anandashram Hall. Despite the recurring sound & mike failures you kept your cool and continued with your quality expressions with inspiring smile on your face.
Almost all felt confident with the awareness you created about “PALLIATIVE CARE” & its advantages to the ailing Patient & his/her family members.
Our big thank you Doctor to you.
Also, our sincere thanks to Dr. Devaunshi & Mrs. Bilimoria for their active participation.
May God bless you all at “PALCARE.”

PALCARE patient’s husband – 12 December 2017

Thanks a lot!! I’m really glad for the PALCARE team. Everyone really went the extra mile and kept more regular checks on us than required. It was so assuring to have all of you by our sides. And even Mom appreciated it a lot, I’m sure. Talking to you really helped me get over some of my issues with caretaking. Keep doing great work!

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 04 December 2017

Dear Pheroza,
Thank you for remembering us and sending the light which I will most certainly burn on Dec 1st.
I am sending you a small amount towards the good work that you and your team are doing caring for the cancer patients. We cannot even forget what you have done for Irfan. God Bless you all.
My children send you warm regards.

PALCARE patient’s wife – 30 November 2017

Thank you for everything that your team did for my mother. She seemed very calm and content when I met her 2 weeks before she passed away. I know that your team helped her a lot since August and she looked forward to seeing them every time.
It was my mom’s and my family’s wish to donate to your organization as we feel you are doing a critical task of giving much needed help to terminally ill patients and their family. And helping patients keep their dignity till the very end. I personally felt each and every staff of your team was extremely caring and professional. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 27 November 2017

Thanks so much for the remembrance. I could never lose touch or forget about you. You have done so much for all of us. I could easily say that one reason my family stands together today, after losing papa, is because of the support we received from all of you. It taught us how to cope and deal with each other with love and care.

PALCARE patient’s son – 17 November 2017

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