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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

Our family always remain obliged to you and your team for the care and support provided to us while my father (Shri BS) was fighting with cancer. Your support ensured that his journey was painless and peaceful.
Once again Thank you Doctor. Thanks a lot to Palcare. We really appreciate their valuable contribution. May God empower you more so that you can make this world even more beautiful.  God bless you.
Doctor bhagwan nahi hota,
Lekin bhagwan se kam bhi nahi hota.
  A million Thanks to you madam

PALCARE patient’s children – 01 July 2021

Hello Mrs Bilimoria!
I just wanted to let you know that our beloved maid, Prabhavati, passed away this morning, before life became intolerable. Death left her looking very peaceful, as if she was in eternal bliss. She really took to your team, and I know how comforting it was for her family (and us) to know that there were people who could be called upon for help and advice at all times. It speaks volumes for your wonderful organisation and the valuable work you do. How very fortunate we were to come across Palcare!
With deep gratitude,

PALCARE patient’s employer – 01 July 2021

Hi Pheroza, sorry for such a late message. Our dad who was under the care of Dr Kalpesh Jain, Sister Seema and Niharika from Palcare passed away peacefully at home last afternoon. It is so difficult losing a parent but we try seek comfort in the fact that he was surrounded by so much love in his last moments and was in his home and not at a hospital with strangers.
The day before night was a critical one but Dr Sandeeta, Sister Seema were with us on video call for over an hour from 12.30-1.30 am and Dr Kalpesh was with us over the phone. The care, empathy and dedication and the resultant follow-up of your team, regardless of what time of the day it was, made these last few difficult months so, so much bearable for us. We really don’t know what we’d have done without them!
Thank you so, so much for such a benevolent initiative and for this blessing so many families have in you. Stay blessed, all of you!

PALCARE patient’s children – 21 June 2021

Dear Pheroza Ma’am,
If you recollect I had spoken to you sometimes in Aug’20 regarding pain & palliative care for my 82 year old mother Mrs. H Q, who was diagnosed with uterine cancer. You were quick enough to connect me with your team, and the journey from there till my mother breathed her last on 6th April, is something our entire family is grateful for the humanitarian service your organization has rendered during our difficult times.
A special mention to your team comprising Dr. Pankaj Bhoir, Minal, Rashmi and few others who guided us promptly and correctly thru the pain & palliative journey. We have no words to express the gratitude as your team guided us by their correct diagnosis and home visits, which was a big solace for our family during covid times.
We pray to Almighty to give you and your team more strength, courage and patience to continue this humanitarian job which is unique in its way in a city like Mumbai.
God bless you and your organisation.

PALCARE patient’ son – 07 May 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,
Good Day! First of all our apologies for writing after so many days. It took some time for us to come to terms after the loss of our beloved father. My father (Mr. LK), was diagnosed with rectum cancer in the year of 2014 & since then we tried to take best care of him, with whatever was possible in our capacity & with available resources & medical facilities. We even tried very expensive alternative therapies for him.
In hindsight, as family members we think that we tried our best to make my father’s last journey as painless as possible & this was only possible due to unconditional support from the Palcare Team during the last few months before his sad demise. When my father’s condition was deteriorating, we were very much disturbed, confused & in a great dilemma on how to handle the pain factor & we could only manage the situation because of great support from the Palcare team consisting of Dr. Shaziya, Dr. Pankaj, Sister Ashwini & Sister Priyanka.

PALCARE patient’s son – 04 May 2021

Palcare has been associated with my family since February 2021. They have guided us through very step, right from our smallest concerns to ensuring my grandmother’s death was a peaceful one. I will forever be indebted to them.
One thing which has most special us how they have supported us even after dadi passed away. Dr. Shaziya has been like an elder sister to me, explained every doubt, helped at the oddest hours, has been so cooperative helped me learn so much understood my doubts as a medical intern helped me a lot psychologically to deal with this loss. I can’t thank Dr. Shaziya enough. Ms. Niharika has also been super supportive. I would like to thank Sister Priyanka and Sister Seema for always being there to help us and support us in every way possible.

PALCARE patient’s granddaughter – 03 May 2021

Hi Dr.
At the outset I have no words to express the gratitude and appreciation you and your team have rendered for my mother in the last one year. I wish you and your team members all the best for rendering this kind of exceptional service to humanity. I definitely have plans to donate to the Palcare foundation as selflessly you all render humanity service with utmost professionalism. God bless and your team

PALCARE patient’s son – 07 April 2021

I am very thankful to Palcare for helping me during my mom’s illness. In my mom’s last days PALCARE was very closely helping me with taking care of my mom. I would have been completely lost without the doctor’s and sisters help. I would like to give special mention to sister Seema who was helping me throughout. They helped me with the medication, prescription. They also came home thrice to help me with my mom on her last days.
I never knew there was a system of palliative care, but I am so thankful I got to know. I will definitely recommend to everyone about it. Thank you very much.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 07 April 2021

Dear Dr. Shaziya,
I wish I could say that my father’s final moments of life were easy. However, the truth is, slowly passing away from cancer is never easy. Luckily, while he of course faced plenty of challenges along the way, his experience was certainly much easier than it could have been thanks to the loving help he received from you and your team of Nurse Seema, Nurse Priyanka and Counsellor Niharika. I will also like to thank Dr. Kalpesh Jain who always told me and mom – ‘ we are just a phone call away’ and Dr. Pankaj who patiently put all my dad’s fears of ascitic tapping at home at ease.
I can’t begin to express the gratitude my mom and I feel for the role you and your team played. I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for taking such good care of my dad these past few weeks and months, it meant absolutely everything to us. God bless you all. You will be in our prayers.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 21 March 2021

Hi Dr Rajam. I wanted to let you know that Palcare visited us this afternoon. They were absolutely wonderful, kind and caring. I felt a big relief knowing that I could turn to someone and get help rather than feeling helpless. Thank you for directing us to the right people. Thank you so much for your help!!

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 18 March 2021

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