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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

Dear Devaunshi, I have headed back to London. It’s been a gruelling couple of weeks but I do feel that my very dear Dad is finally at peace and with those he loved and waited so long to be with. Once again I can’t thank you all enough for the peace you brought to his troubled mind in those last few months. I am sure this is what finally allowed him to let go and move on. I shall be eternally grateful for the help you extended to us. It really is beyond measure.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 10 July 2017


I want to say thanks to you and your team and especially thanks to Minal sister. I know it’s not enough for what you did for my mother. Till (the) end your team supported me and my family. Thank you so much. And special thanks to Pheroza Bilimoria for starting Palcare.

PALCARE patient’s son – 17 May 2017

The work that you are doing is so great! The way you have been there for my daughter, despite me not being able to offer you even a glass of water, is amazing. I’m so thankful and do not have words enough to express my gratitude. My daughter went peacefully because you all made her comfortable.

PALCARE patient’s mother – 15 May 2017

Dr. Jayarajan – thank you for all your help and support for my father’s end-of-life care. His end was peaceful, calm – in his bed at home – just the way it should be with home hospice. Your entire team did a wonderful job during his illness.

PALCARE patient’s son –
06 May 2017

As a family, we cannot thank Palcare enough for the marvellous care they provided our father, Irfan Khan, in (the) last few months of his life. Your team gave us time and expertise and supported us as a family through it all. We are ever grateful. It enabled us to look after him at home & say goodbye in a caring environment. As a family, we could not have managed without your invaluable help.

PALCARE patient’s daughter –
01 February 2017

Thank you Palcare….For being with me and my family during all those critical days…taking care of my father till his last breath…you and your team have not just cared for him but cared for me and my family too…. specially thanks to Zena who counseled me, she could touch my emotions which no other family member or friend could do …..thank you Dr.Jayarajan, thank you Trupti sister…. thank you Pratibha sister…thanks a lot Vaibhav…..thanks Zena….thank you Mrs.Bilimoria…. thank you PALCARE…..Your team was my Dad’s extended friend circle…. time and support given by you all is priceless just saying thanks while remembering all brave souls on this “YADGAR DIN”….

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 01 December 2016

Thank you dearest Phe for everything you did…It really made a difference to his last days. We are all so grateful to you for setting up this great help.

PALCARE patient’s friend – 24 January 2017

I feel very happy when the PALCARE team visits. I feel morally supported. Dr. Jayarajan is a magician! When he visits, I feel like my father is near me.

PALCARE patient – 09 September 2016

I appreciate so much that you keep in touch with us. It really makes a difference to know that someone (you) hasn’t “forgotten” that grieving takes time and that checking in on someone gives them strength and comfort. Thank you. I was impressed with Palcare with all the help we received while mum was alive. Now I am even more impressed!

PALCARE patient’s daughter –
12 October 2016

I didn’t get to thank you and the team enough for all you are doing for Shiv. I work at Duke Medical Center and I am used to exceptional care. The highlight of my trip was knowing that my Chacha had such a phenomenal palliative care team, which was my biggest fear!!! So please let everyone know just how blessed and thankful we are for you all. He is comfortable thanks to you all!

PALCARE patient’s niece – 04 August 2016

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