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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

Dear PALCARE Team of Dr. Arti, Nurse Dirk, Nurse Nilam and Psychologist Zena,

We would like to thank you all and the incredible PALCARE team from the bottom of our hearts for the immense help and support that you extended to our family.

We were referred to PALCARE by Romila Palliative and the PALCARE team started coming to our house since July 2nd 2018. Since the very first day, everyone showed us great compassion and kindness. We were pleasantly surprised by their service, palliative care and support we received. We are extremely grateful that we had the PALCARE team to support us during the difficult time and cannot even imagine how we would have managed without you.

Our 79-year old father was terminally ill with liver cancer and our mother was the sole caregiver for him. We both daughters stay overseas and couldn’t be there for our dad and mom physically due to the geographic distance.

Nurse Dirk assured us every time that they were there for us and that we weren’t alone. This gave us peace of mind knowing that we had their support.

During the two-month time span, PALCARE team visited our home every week. Each time Dr. Arti, Dirk, Nilam and Zena talked very patiently to our dad and mom. Dr. Arti took ample time to examine him, answer our endless questions and give useful suggestions. We never felt rushed during their home visits. When my dad started getting bed sores, Dirk suggested using the air mattress and even lent us one for use. My dad used the mattress and experienced great relief and comfort.

Every single person we have come across from the PALCARE team was extremely kind, patient, compassionate, selfless, well informed and greatly experienced in end-of-life care. They gently and truthfully presented facts to us without misleading us or giving us false hope.

Every time the PALCARE team visited, our father enjoyed seeing them and talking to them. He seemed happier and more content than before. The acceptance of the final moments and death became easier. Even though his health was deteriorating as a natural progression of the horrible disease, he was at peace and we were better prepared to face the inevitable end.

Our dad wished to stay at home during the last duration of his life surrounded by family. He didn’t want to be hospitalized. We could fulfill his wishes due to the support from the PALCARE team. Our dad passed peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones only because of PALCARE’s Palliative Care team.

PALCARE patient’s family – 03 September 2018

Dalal family thanks PALCARE & JIMMY S FOUNDATION for their tremendous support during illness of Hansa Dalal. Family is grateful for the guidance and confidence given to us, because of which we did not panic in her last hours. We appreciate what you all are doing this unconditional SEVA. We want to thank each and every one of your team from the bottom of our hearts specially Dr. Kalpesh, Minal, Devaunshi, Nileena and Trupti for their patience and commitment to reach out to us whenever we have contacted. We shall ever remember the kind gesture of Dr. Kalpesh when he personally came to deliver the prescription which we required urgently.

PALCARE patient’s family – 19 May 2018

When my family said that they had enlisted you’ll, an NGO, to look after my father, I was honestly sceptical because I know most NGOs in India do not deliver and are just charades. But honestly after seeing you and hearing how the team has looked after not just my dad but my mum and sister as his caregivers too, I’m impressed. The doctor is so patient and is always available. We’re so relieved to have you guys on board.

PALCARE patient’s son – 23 April 2018

It is the most amazing facility given to any patient and my mother-in-law was lucky to have it. The team was well everything what the hospital provided – but above the hospital was the emotional support to the patient as well as to the caretaker. We were blessed to have you all. You all are really pals from PALCARE. Lots of love. Laughter. Life. All the way – all your life. We shall always remember you all as well will remember our mother. Blessing you all & thanking you all.

PALCARE patient’s daughter-in-law – 23 April 2018

Dear Pheroza and Dr. Jayarajan,
I wish there was some way I could share Eliza’s smile with you when I met her this evening after the PALCARE team had visited her.
When I first saw her last Sunday, she was in pain and her family was extremely distressed. Today, the PALCARE team, led by Dr. Kalpesh made a home visit and the entire atmosphere in Eliza’s home has changed.Eliza was very happy that the team took great interest in her needs and is happy to be under the care of PALCARE.
As I left, she held my hand and said ” Thank you for introducing us to PALCARE. God bless you.” I’m forwarding her blessings to you also!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you are doing,
Warm regards,
Dr. Leena Gangolli

PALCARE patient’s physician (who referred her to PALCARE) – 30 March 2018

Dr. Leena V. Gangolli

First of all, our heartfelt congratulations and Big Thank you for your PALCARE team headed by Dr. Durva. Dr. Durva is a diamond brighter than Kohinoor in the crown jewel of your organization. For the first time in my life of 73 years, I saw a humanitarian approach along with profession in Dr. Durva and her team. Their contribution to the patient and to her relatives is to be felt not described. Whether it was pain, vomiting, nausea or another symptom response was fast both physically or in absence.
Once again myself, my children and others are indebted and grateful to PALCARE team headed by Dr. Durva. Dr. Jayarajan’s presence was felt though he was not here. Wishing PALCARE the very best and anything from our side we are ready to contribute.

PALCARE patient’s relative – 31 January 2018

I have availed of the services provided by your trust and am very pleased to inform you that your staff – Dr. Kalpesh, sister Nileena, sister Minal, sister Pratibha and Devaunshi have contributed to my mother’s departure in a more peaceful and less traumatic manner just by their patient demeanour and guidance.
I am truly grateful to you all for your sincere efforts and noble cause you have undertaken of which we have also benefitted. My most sincere “thank you” to you all. Please do continue the good work. I have already forwarded your number to a few people. Wishing you all the very best in your endeavor.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 16 January 2018

Dear Pheroza,

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the love and care that you extended to my father and I, two total strangers. I could not have expected more help and emotional and medical support from actual family than I received from you and your team. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting us both through such a difficult time.

It was a difficult time for my father and myself, not least because of the fragile state of his mind and the actual physical distance between our two homes – London and Mumbai.

My dad had lived to a very ripe old age, 95, and from being a very active and independent person, a most gentle and loving man, he became more physically weak and resentful of his dependence on others, so much so, that it disturbed the state of his mind and

impacted negatively on his physical health. I had great difficulty in getting him to accept that at 95, he absolutely needed 24-hour care in his home.

I also understood that having lived on his own for so many years following the loss of his beloved wife and sons, he was reluctant, indeed belligerently opposed to having anyone in the home with him – not to mention fearful and nervous as he was so vulnerable.

From the moment I met you and your team, I immediately felt less anxious and I was right to trust you. Devaunshi in particular has been fantastic, not only in providing a medical solution for my father’s state of mind, but also giving me regular updates, emotional support, and continuing this, way beyond his passing away.

Without the support of the team, I know I would have been traumatized by it all.

They kept a watchful eye on Dad, listened to his ramblings, and most amazingly, gained his total trust.

I do not underestimate the help of the doctors and nurses and all the work behind the scenes, including regular WhatsApp updates. I cannot imagine what the last few months would have been like without your support and help – amazingly given for free.

And throughout it all, you maintained an incredible professionalism. What an incredible project this is, and how lucky I was to find you.

You are all amazing.

Nargis Walker

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 12 December 2017

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