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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

Your job is one of the most difficult jobs. Where most doctors hope that their patients survive, you know that no matter what you do, they will not…..I wanted to let u know especially today that even though you were the bearer of bad news for us… were present when your patient and his family needed you the most. I cannot express enough gratitude in words. I pray to God to bless you with immense courage and strength to keep up with your good work. There may be many darker days in your patient’s life but you still bring hope…. HAPPY DOCTOR’S DAY.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 01 July 2016

You were just wonderful, Dr. Rajeshwari…. A real angel…my mother-in-law is so much more confident knowing she has you by her side… Thank you a million times

PALCARE patient’s daughter-in-law –
04 May 2016

We don’t have any words to thank you enough, Dr. Jayarajan especially. In fact, ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough. The highest rating we know of is 7 stars – but your care supersedes those 7 stars too.

PALCARE patient’s sons – 04 April 2016

When Bharati, our common friend, suggested I contact you after I discovered that my mother had oral carcinoma, I didn’t know what lay in store for me. Then, when I spoke to you and you told me that you had founded a Palliative Care NGO in the name of Jimmy, yet again I wasn’t sure where this was taking me. To my extremely pleasant surprise, I found your team, led by Dr Jayarajan, absolutely wonderful. It was for me a traumatic period of floundering for air, sleepless nights, millions of questions but no answers, and mainly surrounded by people with little knowledge but lots of dos and don’ts! I didn’t need this kind of help. And I certainly did not want their half-baked information. Rather, I needed someone qualified who could hold my hand, answer my fears and allay my doubts. Dr. Jayarajan, was at the end of my WhatsApp, texting and phonelines … I think this is a wonderful thing you have done, Pheroza. I hope more people will hear about your good work and turn to you, for they don’t know what they are missing.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 24 March 2016

No medical team has ever explained the treatment plan and everything related to Charanjit’s illness so properly. We are very happy today and are very grateful to PALCARE for providing homecare.

PALCARE patient’s family – 09 February 2016

I am so happy that we chose PALCARE and that you were with us during the last weeks of our Prakash’s life. We would not have known what to do without you and would have possibly landed up making choices where the end may not have been so peaceful.

PALCARE patient’s wife –
28 December 2015

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