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Hear what our patients and their families have had to say after receiving the PALCARE service. Their gratitude has been a source of great encouragement to us.

Hello. Dr Sandeeta, Dr Pranjal, Sister Ankita & Swati came to our house April 12th. We all felt very happy with the Comprehensive Empathic approach by the team. Before they left we had a complete order set for symptom management. Being an Oncologist I could understand the immense value of what was handed over to me. Before our eyes Sister Ankita applied Fentanyl patch on to my dad and Dr Shetty entrusted me with strip of Morphine – enough to get me started so dad’s pain could be controlled ASAP- amazing! Empowered with all the comfort care tools my dad had a peaceful, comfortable, and dignified end journey. His Soul left for Heavenly Abode Friday 7 pm surrounded by love and blessings. A big Thank You Team PALCARE from All of Us for being there for my dad! God Bless All Of You.

PALCARE late patient’s son – 15 April 2023

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my father passed away in the wee hours on January 31, as he was suffering from cancer for the last five years and was on weekly chemotherapy from July 2021.
He was undergoing treatment in Tata hospital and chemo stopped supporting in September 2022. The Tata hospital’s doctor then referred me to the Palliative care centre and I got a call from PALCARE within a few hours saying that the doctor will visit at home in the morning. Father’s condition was deteriorating and I could not express my feeling in words as what I and my family felt when the TEAM from PALCARE visited our home in September, 2022 to provide further treatment to my father at home.
They gave the best treatment and counselled my father when it required. Sometimes due to pain and irritation father removed the Ryle tube and that happened many times but the PALCARE Team always reached on a phone call.
We tried our best to make my father’s last journey as painless as possible and this was only possible because of absolute support of ‘Palcare Team’ during the last four months before his sad demise.
Thanks is a very small word to say, our family will always remain obliged to the PALCARE TEAM comprising Dr. Santona Pal, psychologist Niharika Kale, and sisters Pratibha, Ashwini and Snehal for great support and care.

PALCARE late patient’s relative – 17 Feb 2023

Thank you, Dr. Kalpesh, for everything that you did for dad. Last few weeks your visits & phone calls helped my dad talk and share things and your visits were something that made him and Laxmi feel supported else this last journey would have been very hard and lonely. Your support helped me and them navigate his situation with peace and dignity. Thank you for everything that you do!! It’s a noble profession filled with good karma coming your way. Chaitali

PALCARE late patient’s daughter – 28 Dec 2022

Dear Ms. Pheroza Bilimoria,
Though I do wish I was writing this note under different circumstances, we take solace that our father passed away peacefully with his family by his side. We want to thank your team for everything they did for my father in helping us taking care of him.
My father was diagnosed with larynx carcinoma in July this year, and since it was in an advanced stage the only treatment offered to him was low grade radiation or palliative care. Weighing his options, he opted for palliative care.
It was one of the scariest times for all of us especially my father, navigating this new space and we were worried whether or not my Dad would be heard and taken seriously. Right from the onset of our first interaction with your facility, every step from there was seamless.
From the moment ‘Our Team’ Dr. Shaziya, Sr. Ankita and Eben first walked into our home, we knew that my father was in capable hands and would be taken care of. We were blessed to have a positive and compassionate team in the three of them who entered our home with a smile each week. Their positivity and compassion spoke of their years of expertise and knowledge while answering every one of my dad’s and our questions patiently.
Sr. Ankita would be in touch with us regularly enquiring about my father’s health even in between visits and Dr. Shaziya guided us every step of the way, even on our 4am calls. Their calm demeanour, thoughtful words and humane approach towards my father brought light to a very dark situation and my father would actually look forward to their visits. Dr Shaziya and Sr. Ankita stand out as a caring and dedicated Doctor and Nurse who treated my father as their own, with love and understanding.
My father always wanted to be treated as a human being with feelings and not just another patient with an illness to be treated and your team gave him that respect which he appreciated immensely. Every decision and advice by the team ensured that he was always comfortable right through his pain circumstances even during his final hours. They never wavered in their support. They ALWAYS put HIM first, and for that we will be eternally grateful.
My family and I are so grateful to you and your team for their dedication, kindness and compassion in our darkest moments. We feel peace knowing that he was under such qualified care while battling against the disease. The world is a better place because you’ll are in it. Thank you for all you do and may God Bless all your endeavours.

PALCARE late patient’s son and daughter – 16 Nov 2022

Dear doctor, Jarvis, sweety Priti n Maria dear,
Death visited our home on earlier occasions snatching away very near n some far relatives. I use the word snatching bcoz it came unawares, we never really witnessed the process n were more in a state of denial as to how n why it happened the way it did. We were more full of resentment back then, as if a wicked thing happened n we were victims.
This time round, it was different. It was happening to our mother, the closest of any relationship. We never felt she was snatched from us, it seemed an inevitable journey, through which we all travelled together, blind folded, almost visualizing the destination. The date n time was not clear, though. We expected a slightly tough drive, but it turned out to be a rollercoaster ride. So, it appears God decided to send his angels to make it a guided tour.
I believe you stepped into our lives on 11/10, as angels, who held our hands, maneuvering the steering wheel gently, whenever we were out of gear n literally crashing into abrupt halts. You reminded us that the journey was a must, but that we had options to hire a driver or trust that we assume the role sincerely.  That it was a natural process, the dying process which you named it, that was recommended for our mother to ensure providing her personal touch n comfort,  which only we could do.
Thank you angels, you were our guides in the most crucial journey of our lives n now when I look back, you ensured it was a guided tour, well motivated, painful though. But undoubtedly, you gently introduced us to the beauty of death n the dying process as  a guided tour.
We are deeply indebted to each one of you, for being our angels, leaving indelible memories of the journey that was n will remain the ultimate in our lives. We are floored by your dedication n gentleness n wish your lives are as calm n peaceful as you are.

PALCARE late patient’s daughter – 14 Nov 2022

Thank you so very much. We could not have managed without them. Really. Such amazing women and also very very good at pain management. Dr. Sandeeta and Sr. Seema have been unbelievable.

PALCARE patient’s relative, Rumana Hamied, Chairperson of CIPLA Foundation – 21 Oct 2022

We are truly indebted to Palcare for the selfless service that they gave to our dearest friend, Venitia, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2021. We write this testimonial with gratitude in our hearts and on behalf of Venitia’s husband Ruben, who was her pillar of support and her companion till the end. We would particularly like to commend and give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Shaziya, Nurse Priyanka, Nurse Ankita and Counsellor Swati for promptly tending to every need of Venitia during the last 1.5 years. They were available at any time of the night or day to give advice and assistance and always promptly attended Ruben’s calls. Just knowing that there are medical professionals to turn to at any hour of the day and in the comfort of one’s home, is so reassuring. To render this kind of service to people with life-threatening ailments and that too without remuneration, is truly a praiseworthy initiative.

PALCARE late patient’s husband and friends – 16 Oct 2022

I share this with extreme grief. My mother attained Lotus feet today at 5.55am. Thank you all for your prayers. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the guidance and help extended. Your team is very dedicated and helpful. I believe my mother was relieved of her pain to quite an extent because of your team’s timely advice. God bless you and your loved ones.

PALCARE patient’s daughter – 27 July 2022

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